Advanced Control Valve Technology

Mastering the Practical Applications of Sizing 
and Selections of the Control Valves.

5th - 6th March 2019

Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur


Control valves are imperative elements in any system where fluid flow must be monitored and manipulated. Selection of the proper valve involves a thorough knowledge of the process for which it will be used. When implementing a control valve into a process, one must consider not only the appropriate type of valve and its material of construction, but also the correct sizing to ensure it performs its designated task without any adverse occurrences in the system. A properly specified, engineered, designed, installed, and maintained control valve can be one of the most profitable investments a facility can have, while a control valve that "does not work well" can be an increased risk of injury. Not only can the efficient control valves do their functions effectively, but they can also eliminate oscillation, cavitation, vibration, and noise problems.

Benefits of attending

this training:

  • UNDERSTAND  the relation of valve inherent and installed characteristics and the effect for control performance and accuracy

  • IDENTIFY ways on how to select the proper valve characteristic for a given process

  • LEARN how to size valves for any flow condition likely to be found in a process plant

  • DISCOVER new technologies to enhance the control system

  • MASTER the valve sizing techniques, using software and other methods of calculation

  • ESTABLISH the methods to address system performance issues such as cavitation, flashing and chocked conditions

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