11th - 12th September 2019 | Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur


The Construction industry is falling behind with lack of understanding in the area of Data Analytics and Ai technology. The industry has to place emphasis in the implementation of technological advancement to further improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of project management while reducing theoverall cost and improving other aspects including safety, supply chain management, project monitoring and quality control.

The use of Data Analytics in construction enables the project team to analyze past and present data of similar projects faster and attain necessary details needed to execute a project. This will also further improve cost, material, labor and overall project management.

AI Implementation in the Construction industry is improving the industry by automating the flow of related data much needed by the decision makers and project management team. AI implementation in the construction has played major role in site risk management via use of drones. The use of machine learning is part of AI which is used to asses past data to provide the project engineers, board of directors and heads of construction with the past construction data to improve the current projects.

This Masterclass will help companies understand the needs to evolve from the traditional and overcome challenges with solutions that would result in sound decision making and a competitive edge.

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Key Benefits Include

  • How the major technological trends are reshaping the construction industry.

  • The important components in                  Data Analytics and AI implementation.

  • Types of AI implementations in the construction industry today and its various benefits.

  • How data analytics improves the efficiency of the overall project.

  • Learn from one of the experts of the industry to improve understanding on this topic.

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